grass_fed_cows_pastureWith an investment of time, Jersey cows respond very warmly to human interaction.

We are a small family, (closed herd) farm located in picturesque Northeast Ohio. Our belief is that the food we eat should be as pure and natural as possible. We also feel strongly that the animals we breed and raise for our own food (meat, milk, eggs) should be happy, healthy, clean and be able to graze and forage the land naturally as much as possible (weather and seasons permitting).


1.15.2015 Johne’s
10.19.2016 Tuberculosis and Brucellosis



It is our desire is to help other families (that share our beliefs about healthy food) find their own high quality Family Milk Cow. We love meeting people that understand and appreciate what we do. To help those that don’t have the time or their own trailer to haul livestock, we are offering (for a limited time) free transport up to 200 miles from our Ohio farm. We feel this is being fairly generous with our time and resources and are open to discuss fuel compensation for delivery distances beyond 250 miles.

Many farmers over complicate the process of raising cows. It’s pretty simple: grass, hay, water, shelter.

For us, the Jersey breed of cow works best. We chose the Jersey mainly for the following traits: Gentle disposition and very safe. Not large and overpowering like a Holstein. High butterfat content in their milk. The volume of milk each day (1-4 gallons on our farm, eating only grass and milking once a day) is perfect for any size family looking to purchase their own milk cow.

jersey_heifer_calvesA group of our happy heifers resting in the barn. Veterinarians often comment on how healthy and strong our calves are, which we explain to them is because our young Jerseys are raised only on raw milk and now solely through our nurse-cow program.

During our early years, we bred exclusively using AI to obtain calves and cows that have the traits we desire. Now that we have our own good bulls with great genetics, we let them do the job. Our past calf and cow purchases have come from local farmers; nearly all being Certified Organic dairies. Having a close working relationship and friendship with these farmers helped to ensure we always received a healthy cow and/or colostrum-fed calf from a seller that we trust.

We have never purchased an animal from an auction or sale barn, and never will.
On the surface they look okay, but any vet will tell you about the risks of bringing a diseased auction animal back to your farm. Experienced farmers usually send their weak or sick animals to the auction as a way of improving the health of the rest of their herd.