Elsa – Bred Jersey Cow





“Elsa” is a healthy A1/A2 Jersey cow that delivered a bull calf (“Olaf”) on August 31, 2016. She ran with our A2/A2 bull, Austin, in November, and has been confirmed pregnant, due to calve in late-August 2017.

Some images above show Elsa in a yellow, and then some in a blue collar. The first four photos were taken shortly after delivery. Once she gave birth to Olaf and he was named by our kids and given a collar, our girls wanted Elsa to also have a blue collar, like her calf (sticking with the ‘Frozen’ color theme from Disney).

As with all of our cows, we don’t feed them any grain (just a handful of non GMO organic corn for Elsa’s milking parlor intro). Our pastures are Certified Organic and when we have to buy hay, we buy only Certified Organic hay. You may notice in some of the photos that we use Locust posts for our fencing. Our animals are not exposed to anything pressure treated. We never spray for weeds. Our neighbors must think we are crazy when they see us out in the pastures pulling weeds by hand. Our goals are healthy pastures and healthy animals.

Elsa is very friendly, good on halter, and walks easily when on a lead rope. She hand-milks nicely and has no problems being hooked up to a milking machine. She’s exposed daily to lots of different animals like dogs, cats, chickens…and kids too! Elsa seeks the attention of humans and really likes to interact with us. She has such a calming spirit, makes you want to hug her. She really does understand what you are wanting her to do at the moment, and that’s a wonderful trait. She goes with the program really well.

All of her testing will be completed by a vet for TB and Brucellosis before she leaves the farm. She can be delivered for free in our enclosed trailer, please visit our FAQ page for details on this.

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