Peanut – A2/A2 Bred Jersey Heifer


All of the above photos were taken on 11.4.2017.

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Peanut is an A2/A2 Jersey heifer who was born on March 11, 2016. She is just the sweetest, most loving Jersey that ever lived 🙂 She only nursed A2 milk straight from her mama for about 4-5 months. Never fed with a bottle or bucket and never received any replacer milk. She always has access to certified organic pasture, hay, and clean water… never given grain, corn or soy. 100% GMO Free! She respects barbed wire and is trained on electric fencing on pasture: Poly/stainless single strand of hot wire on insulated posts. She is very gentle and has been halter trained as a young calf, as all of our heifers and cows have been.

Peanut was confirmed A2/A2 through the UC Davis Genetics Laboratory. She ran with our A2/A2 bull, Austin, and is pregnant, due around mid-February 2018.

The required brucellosis and TB testings have all been completed. She can be delivered for free in our enclosed trailer, please visit our FAQ page for details on this.

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