Penny – A2 Jersey Milk Cow

Images of Penny:

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“Penny” is a beautiful A2/A2 Jersey cow who was born on April 20, 2015 here on the farm, she stands about 51″ to her shoulders and weighs approximately 820 lbs. She always has access to certified organic pasture, hay, and clean water… never given grain, corn or soy. 100% GMO Free! She respects barbed wire and is trained on electric fencing on pasture: Poly/stainless single strand of hot wire on insulated posts. She has been trained on a halter and is excellent and gentle.

Penny was confirmed A2/A2 through the UC Davis Genetics Laboratory. She ran with our A2/A2 bull, Austin, during this past summer. On 6.15.17 Penny delivered a beautiful, healthy A2/A2 heifer calf. Dehorning of the new calf took place on 6.30.17. We plan to keep the calf, but would sell her at Penny’s side for $400.

1.15.2015 Johne’s
10.19.2016 Tuberculosis and Brucellosis

Penny was tested on 6.30.2017 for TB and Brucellosis. She is ready to travel out of state.

She can be delivered for free in our enclosed trailer, please visit our FAQ page for details on this.

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Images of Penny’s Mom, Dakota:

Penny’s dam, Dakota, is at her new home in Kentucky. She is a very nice Jersey (1/16 Holstein) with a great udder and good teats for hand milking. She is great with kids and very gentle. She really enjoyed going for walks on halter. Penny follows in the footsteps of her mom, and is also amazing on halter and is gentle.

Dakota averaged about 2.8 gallons per day, on a once-a-day milking schedule without any grain (we don’t do grain here).

The images in the above slideshow also include Penny as a calf.