Below are some of the letters and photos that we have received from our past clients.

I just wanted to send an update on Dakota and Reba.

Let me just say these are wonderful cows. They have quickly become part of the family. We all just love them.

Reba who we find ourselves calling Ruby for some reason is as sweet as can be and loves to be brushed. My 3 year old grand daughter likes to go talk to her while she’s eating her grain. She is quite gentle!

Dakota is just plain awesome! I bought a machine milker from Hambys and she does great with it. She did very well with hand milking as well but my hands didn’t hold up too well. We built a slightly raised stanchion and she walks right up into it of course thinking she’s starving for her scoop of grain. I’m getting anywhere from 1 3/4 to 2 gallons a day with once a day milking. About 1/3 is cream and has made the most delicious butter! It took my son in law a few days to decide to drink her milk and now he and his daughter (the milk drinkers of the family) are going through almost a gallon a day!

This has been such a pleasant experience I wish I would have found you several years ago. I feel like we have missed out so much by not having a milk cow until now. We are catching up quickly!

I was a little hesitant at first buying “pricey” cows without seeing them in person first but this was a sound investment for us and worth every penny! The fact that you delivered my two beautiful girls was the cream on top!

If I find myself “needing” another cow you will be the first person I contact!
Maria – Kentucky

I have intended to write to you so many times and let you know how happy we have been with Snow White. She has been a wonderful milk cow! We could not be happier with her. We are so glad we found you and so grateful for all the work you and your family put into training her and caring for her and delivering her to us.

Once we got into a predictable and consistent routine with her, she was absolutely perfect, standing still and letting us take our time hand milking her. And she produced a lot of wonderful milk. We let her dry up for a couple months and she had a beautiful heifer calf on August 1st.

Kristina – Texas

We have two [newborn] little heifers on the ground and can’t be more please with them and their mothers. Everything you brought us is just great. Thank you, and thank you for being so true and honest. Rose was born 6/18/15 & Daisy born 7/16/15.
Cindy – Kansas

I thought you might enjoy some pics of Coco (we call her Mona) and Buster. I am so happy with my purchases. Mona has so much personality, and Buster is becoming a handsome young steer. As you can see, Mona turned out to be pregnant (yay!) and is bagging up and showing other signs that she is near calving. I was never really able to milk her efficiently by hand, but purchased an inexpensive hand pump milker that did the trick. It was brilliant to sell her with her calf, as I never felt stressed about needing to milk her out completely. We shared milk with Buster, who happily nursed until two months ago when I dried her up in preparation for baby. We are so excited, and will keep you posted! Thanks!

UPDATE: Our calf is so adorable, and I can’t get over how fast he is growing. Tell your girls that I love the name Buster and wanted to stick with the Dairy Queen theme, so I named this fellow Dilly, after the Dilly Bar. It fits him, too. My kids call him “Silly Dilly”. His favorite thing to do is chase chickens…
Cindy – Michigan